AM Floor

Product Code : AM Floor

Dimensions: 1,500 × 600 × 25mm

• Tags can be placed on shelves or display close to each side of antenna.
• Each controller connects up to two antennae, software tuned.
• Protection for wide doorway with multiple controllers and antennae.
• Antennae placed under the floor providing a clean and un-obstructive view.
• Hard tag detection ≽ 1.2M, DR label detection ≽ 0.8M
Product Code : EG6089


58KHz AM System

Mono or Master/slave set-up

Size: 155cm (H), 39cm (W)

Detection Distance:

for master/slave, minimize backfield
Tag / Label Type Mono Each side

Master / Slave

Bet. antennae
10581 1.00m 1.80m 0.50m
DR Labels 0.70m 1.30m 0.30m


• High pick rate and minimal false alarm.
• Small size label, ease of use.
• A Maximum of four antennae per control unit based on mono format.
• Three antennae per control unit based on master/slave format.
• Automatic search and manual fine tuning for optimal setting.
• Optional handheld tuning device for remote tuning from antenna.
• Acrylic panel with metallic base provide an attractive gateway.
• Designer Frame for easy insertion of advertisement board / leaflet (optional).
• Patented design.